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On Fear and Hope

It was Irenicus, voiced by David Galder, who once told us "Life... is strength. That is not to be contested; it seems logical enough. You live; you affect your world."

Yoda was the one who told us that Fear was the path to the dark side.

And isn't he right? Is fear the source of most dark emotions? Not to leave the more manical emotion of Hate, Fear gets the nod because Fear can infect otherwise logcal individuals to degrade, detest, and destroy what people simply do not understand. While you may Hate someone, or some group for what they have done, you Fear what they might do, or future consequences of what they will do.

While, in all things, some amount of fear is healthy, it is easy, far too easy to twist another person into a creature from nightmare. Scarecrow didn't need a chemical, just a bully pulpit.

But people don't need anyone else to become poisoned by fear. Hollywood will tell you that it can be enough to fear what you or I are doing now, that we're darkening the world, or that nature will come to retribute in the future.

Even in fantasy, Tarkin's Death Star was the ultimate in rule-by-fear.

What Yoda does not get to is what leads one to the Light Side. The flipant response is courage. And while courage, the ability to act in the face of fear is admirable, it does not directly oppose the true blackness of fear. I think there's an even more basic answer.

A more interesting answer is information, but that only counters the fear of the unknown, by making it known. Short of seeing the future, though, there will always be unknown.

My answer lies in Hope. While Fear is the perhaps irrational belief that things will get worse. Hope is the perhaps irrational belief that things will get better.

Without Hope that there is a light out of tunnel, what is use there of courage?

To the person who's been nudging me, this is the long winded answer to your question.

If Fear is darkness, then Hope, and hope for life, is light. But not just white light, for life is varied. All colors are needed, which brings me to my own personal symbol of luck, and hope: The Rainbow. It itself is a symbol of hope, of light (life) after darkness.

This has been a long rambling answer to "Why am I so interested with A Certain 80s Cartoon Character
What a horrible time to be a gamer.

While I'm not sure I mean this in a generic sense, it's definetly true in a me sense.

I play a couple of MMORPGs, board games, a CCG.

With one exception, they're all going to hell; and I'm finding that one a lot less fun than I used to.

Star Wars Galaxies, which I've enjoyed for a while, is running pell mell into a Combat Downgrade that's going to be completely no fun, and make the game feel like it's World of Warcraft: a game I purposly avoid.

Legend of the Five Rings is moving in the direction of short stupid games based around power cards. While my faction is currently top of the heap, it's not the Unicorn Players winning these Koteis, so there's no real joy in mudville. The real purple ponies have again, struck out. For the first time since I joined the game in the Spirit Wars, I'm actively thinking about quitting.

Even Parthos feels on a downward cycle. To a point, I guess, this always happens during finals season, but it feels less 'heroic' and more blase then it used to. Part of this I'm sure is my fault, I haven't had a good plot idea since I wrapped up the Banished Panthenon plot.

It's all been very depressing. At least baseball's been fun to watch listen too. Unfortunetly, there's still no actual good local TV broadcasters, though I can sit and listen to Jon Miller on any given night.

Nov. 2nd, 2004


If it is the case Bush wins the Popular vote but loses the election, which is more likely to happen?

A) Air America starts refering to itself as the Minority Report, and how they stole the election from Bush

B) Rush Limbaugh (or equievelent) stating they lost the election fair and square?

So I voted.

Then I spent most of the rest of the evening sorting Legend of the Five Rings and pissing off one of my coGMs in Parthos for being a Bush supporter.

I lothe life, some times. See also me being a Social Liberal.

Next up, I suppose, will be a board game night.

I'l talk more about both games later.
It's sometime's saddening, oftentimes frustrating, to be me.

I consider myself a social liberal, being for Stem Cell Research, as well as Gay Marriage. While I haven't yet really pinned down where I myself stand on abortion, I tend to be more in favor of allowing it than than not, and I mostly lament the conditions that require the abortion, rather than blaming the act itself.

So I must endorse Kerry.

Then I consider his economic spanking of Bush, and reconsider. No true sane man can blame him for something more properly attributed to the economic cycle. Then I perceive the democrats blocking a limiting of the liability for vaccine makers, while simultaneously criticizing Bush because the British have sufficient vaccine. They refuse to acknowledge, of course, the British not only limit liability, they prevent it, forcing people to prove "Intent", rather than "Neglegence."

So I cannot possibly endorse Kerry.

When it comes down to it, my answer lies in Iraq. Of course it does.

People will complain that Bush went after a tyrant who posed no threat - Conveniently forgetting the number of mass graves of people gassed by the so called "WMD".

People argue that that we didn't have world allies - It has since been proven that both senior 'independent' UN leaders and world leaders in France were reciving money from the Oil for Food program. Let's just call it Oil for Bribes.

Yeah, I know. Saddam didn't have a weapon stockpile. It wasn't for lack of trying, and he'd believed he succeeded (poor gullible madman).

The objective to liberate Iraq from the hands of madman that murdered his own people was the most noble of all. My only question becomes, why didn't we go in ten years ago?

As a gamer, I understand it is in general to be proactive than reactive. As Bush wishes to be proactive, and take the fight to the terrorists.

Kerry, reactive, and concerned only with responding against the actions of terror.

By the time he gets around to defending it, I fear there will be no America left to defend.


This live-journal, without reservation, endorses President George W. Bush for re-election.

-Gaijin John



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